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Sunnyside Farm

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Luxury Tent
Luxury Tent interior
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Chalet interior
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Pool with a view
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River Cabin
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Communal kitchen
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Sunnyside Farm situated near Vredefort in the Free State, is a self-catering farm on the banks of the Vaal River, a hidden pearl and fishermen's paradise.

Sunnyside Farm is approximately 150 kilometers (an hour and a half) from Johannesburg. Whether organizing a family gathering, team building event or escaping from the bright city lights for some rest and solitude, Sunnyside Farm is the perfect retreat!

Sunnyside Farm is uniquely situated to offer the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Situated next to the Vaal River and tucked away amid the hills and bushveld, Sunnyside Farm will immerse your senses in a symphony of scenes and sound that will truly bring your soul to rest.

Sunnyside Farm is snugly nestled in the Koepel Heritage area, which lends itself to a diverse menu of recreational activities. These recreational activities can be sourced through local tourism agencies.